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News From Sound Cat

Heron Oblivion - Oriar March 21, 2016
Today's order from Sub Pop brings some cool records into Sound Cat, including a really fine new album from Heron Oblivion, along with other new LPs from Mass Gothic, So Pitted and Cullen Omori. Plus lots of LP restocks from the usual SP suspects like Iron And Wine, Father John Misty, Sleater-Kinney, Beach House and more and maybe it's time for a trip to the store to check things out. In the meantime, here's a track from the album that Pitchfork says is "a howl that slips seamlessly from the earthly into the supernatural."
Video: Heron Oblivion - Oriar
Timeline Photos March 20, 2016
Now in stock at Sound Cat: Old Head, "s/t" LP. Locals Old Head had the release show for their new album on Omentum Records last night, but if you weren't there or didn't pick up a copy it's now unleashed on the rest of the world--or at least now for sale here at the store. Perk up your Sunday by supporting some Pittsburgh rock!
Link: Timeline Photos
Damien Jurado - Exit 353 (Official Video) March 18, 2016
Its a pretty full new release day at The Cat! On lp we have releases by Chris Forsyth, The Violent Femmes, Damien Jurado, Lust for Youth, B Boys, Iggy Pop and the collaboration between Bitchin' Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billie. There are also reissues of David Kilgour (solo 1994), also from the Numero Group with there new Wayfaring Stranger and the soundtrack to the Elliot Smith tribute Heaven Adores You. On cd there's release by Iggy Pop, Richmond Fontaine, John Zorn, Primal Scream, Grant Lee Phillips, Boris and Merzbow, Chris Forsyth, Damien Jurado, Lust for Youth as well as the aforementioned David Kilgour and Wayfaring Strangers comp. Here's a track from the new Damien Jurado.
Video: Damien Jurado - Exit 353 (Official Video)
Pavement - Grounded (Crooked Rain Version) March 16, 2016
Holy cow, I just put a ton of LP restocks in the bins here at Sound Cat, like records from Alabama Shakes, Baroness, David Bowie, Cat Power, John Coltrane, Decemberists, J Dilla, Brian Fallon (his new album), Dr. Dre, Funkadelic, Jawbreaker, Kendrick Lamar, The Mountain Goats, Pavement, Purity Ring, Sigur Ros, Sonic Youth, The Strokes, Sun Ra, Television, Vampire Weekend and even more--you get the idea. Come take a look, but in the meantime, it seems like a good time for a Pavement song.
Video: Pavement - Grounded (Crooked Rain Version)
Jeff Buckley - Just Like a Woman (audio) March 15, 2016
Back in stock at Sound Cat: Jeff Buckley, "You And I" CD. We sold out of this pretty quickly last week, so here's a post to let you know that the new Jeff Buckley archival release is back in stock on CD (we still have the LP in, too). It's the previously unreleased first recordings he did for Columbia, including stripped-down covers of The Smiths, Sly & The Family Stone, Led Zeppelin, and here, Dylan...
Video: Jeff Buckley - Just Like a Woman (audio)
Kendrick Lamar: untitled unmastered. March 15, 2016
In stock today at Sound Cat: Kendrick Lamar, "untitled unmastered." CD. Kendrick Lamar surprised everyone with a new EP last week, and while there isn't word on a vinyl release yet, we do have the CD in stock now! It seems like an EP of out-takes, but as the Pitchfork review says, "these numbers are packed with more information and moods than the 35-minute running time suggests."
Link: Kendrick Lamar: untitled unmastered.
Feelies - Time For A Witness - Waiting March 13, 2016
Now playing at Sound Cat: The Feelies, "Only Life" and "Time For A Witness." The Feelies' first two albums ("Crazy Rhythms" and "The Good Earth") are two of my all-time favorites, but the CD and LP reissues of these third and fourth ones last week made me dig them out to listen to--and I'm glad I did. Maybe they're not quite as great as those first two, but they still have lots of (mostly low-key) charms to help pass this Sunday afternoon at the store.
Video: Feelies - Time For A Witness - Waiting
Lucius - Born Again Teen [Official Video] March 11, 2016
It New Release Day at The Cat! New today on lp is Lucius as well as reissues of The Feelies and GZA/ Genius, there's also a nice Jeff Buckley comp of his first recordings. On Cd today are releases from Lucius and Julian Lage with reissues by Mal Waldron, Dave Mason, Jeff Buckley and The Feelies. Here's a track by Lucius.
Video: Lucius - Born Again Teen [Official Video]
Silkworm - Sheep Wait for Wolf March 9, 2016
Announcing an exciting (...well, if you're into this sort of thing) new section here at Sound Cat: two new "Newly Arrived Used CDs" bins, where we'll be putting some of the more interesting used compact discs that might happen to find their way here. I just filled them up with about 100 pretty solid ones, mostly indie and alternative rock titles, though who knows what you'll see there next! For the time being, I might suggest that if you're a fan of great rock music (and great guitar solos, like Andy Cohen's on this song), and you don't already own it, there is an inexpensive copy of the Silkworm "Developer" CD here that you might want.
Video: Silkworm - Sheep Wait for Wolf
Neko Case & Her Boyfriends - Guided By Wire March 6, 2016
In stock now at Sound Cat: Neko Case & Her Boyfriends, "Furnace Room Lullaby" LP. This reissue was long-delayed, so it seems worth a post to let you know it's finally out, if you were looking for it. It also seems like a good afternoon to listen to a song by Neko Case, so let's do that, too...
Video: Neko Case & Her Boyfriends - Guided By Wire

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